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Nails services


Nails  Services Full Refills
Solar polish $35 $25.
Solar White, Pearl Tips $38 $38.
Solar Pink& White $45 $35.
Solar Color Tips $40
Glittered Powder Tips (include shine gel coat) $50 $40
Repair $3 & up
Enhancement Removal(No Charge with Full set) $12 With manicure….$5
Shellac (Gel Polish W/O Manicure) $25
Shellac (Gel Polish W/O Pedicure) $30
Shellac (Gel Polish W/Manicure) $35

Add $5 for French
*Add $5 for Gel Polish take off  without reapplying

*No Charge to reapply .
Ideal for natural nails ! Last for about 2 weeks. It strengthens nails while keeping them looking healthy as well as providing an invisible layer to protect your nails and provides long lasting color. The finish is so flawless that you won’t even know it’s there.

Polish Change:

Hand … $8.

Hand With French … $12.

Feet …$10.

Feet With French … $14.


Nails Art:

Set … $15+
Each … $3+