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Pedicure & Manicures

1. Spa  Pedicure (30min ) … $30.  Manicure … $18

Relieve  your  tensions  by relaxing  in  a  massage  chair  while  your feet  are  given  a  warm  bath, followed by  the  basic  foot  care  of nail  shaping, clean  cuticles  and  smoothing  the  calluses , cleansing sea  salt  scrub, relaxing  foot and  leg  massage and nail  polish.


2. Signature Spa Pedicure (35 min) … $35. Manicure … $22.

Spa  Pedi  with  additional  of  hydrating  mask  wrapped  in  steaming hot towels, and reflexology massage  with a  moisturizing lotion.


3. Deluxe Spa Pedicure (40min ) … $43. Manicure … $30.

Signature Pedi  with an additional paraffin treatment to richly hydrate, and condition to moisture the feet.


4. Deluxe  Spa  Pedicure (45 min) … $43. Manicure … $30.

We  use  OPI  scrub’s for  exfoliate  and  hydrating  mask   wrapped  in steaming  towels ,  rejuvenates of rough, and dry skin ,lotion   with  extend massage ,with your choice of flavor: honey milk , orange, mango ,lavenders, chocolate, tropical.


5. Hot Stone Pedicure (45min) … $45. Manicure … $32.

Combines Serenity Pedi with extended massage to include hot lava stones , relieve blocked energy help relax muscles that been abused from walking and wearing tight shoes sooth , aching joints and muscles.


6. Raw-Earth  Pedicure (45 min) … $45. Manicure … $32.

We use CND  scub’s warming action help open pores , allowing for deeper penetration , mask filled with natural ingredients, freshen and smooth your feet, a special muscle relaxation massage lotion will leave your feel&calves warm , shiny& relaxed.


7. Lee’s Organic Pedicure (45min ) … $48. Manicure $35.

The organic spa pedi line is a remarkable line of certified organic pedi  products, these wonderful  products draw on the wisdom of phototherapy and aromatherapy to create and maintain radiant,healthy, glowing , smooth skin.This natural healing system promotes physical and mental inner balance.


8. Milk & Honey  Pedicure (45min) … $48. Manicure … $35.

Take a journey to an extraordinary level of luxury to bring you to a sense of well-being. Soak your feet in a warm bath & fresh milk , moisturizing your feet , unique milk sea salt massage  removes dry dead skin on calves & feet, help exhilarating  Marine Mask  penetrate your skin better giving your feet the best moisturizing treatment.


9. Lee’s Summer Pedicure (45min) … $48. Manicure … $38.

Awaken your senses with aromatic blend of real fruit slices combined with OPI  Tropical Citrus sugar scub to break down dead skin build up followed by a thick fruit mask wrapped in steaming towel.Then receive a deep massage with a OPI  Citrus relaxing lotion.


10. Green Tea Deluxe Pedicure (50min) … $50. Manicure … $40.

Extra attention of calluses and smoothing and banish dry , rough sin, plus antioxidant , green tea helps protect and repair skin, leave skin silky and smooth , is include paraffin.


11. Espresso Deluxe Pedicure (1hour) … $55. Manicure … $45.

Reduces calluses and banish dry, rough skin, plus caffeine help stimulate cell turn over leave skin silky and smooth , is include paraffin , and hot lava stone massage.


12. Bellini Pedicure (65min) … $65. Manicure … $48.

Shellac (Gel Polish With Pedicure)$50

Close your eyes and enjoy the service . Let we take your of everyday stresses , relaxing with warm bath and Champagne. Bellini pedi is a hydrating and exfoliating treatment and much more with real roses exfoliates , hydrating mask ,warm moist towel wrap , treatment include paraffin wax designed for dry skin , and hot lava stone to relax all the nerves beneath skin.


Kid Services

Ages 2-6$15+ – Manicure … 10+
Ages 7-9$20+ – Manicure … 12+
Ages 10-14$25 – Manicure …15+